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Invisible Carpet Repair

We give careful attention to each individual carpet fibre so that we leave no trace of the damage - or our repair!

"It is actually impossible to see where the repair was done. I would without hesitation recommend your service to anyone." - G.C.

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Lifetime Guarantee

We guarantee our repairs will last for the lifetime of the carpet, and withstand hoovering, cleaning & even heavy use straight away.

"Great work. We had the carpet deep cleaned after the work was done, and it was still in as good condition as before." - A.K.

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Excellent Customer Service

"Hannah was very helpful & polite in arranging our repair. 

Guy did a great job on the day. He was calm, friendly, reassuring & very pleasant to deal with. 

This company values its customers and it’s clear that they want to make people happy by providing an excellent, honest & friendly service. 

Cannot recommend highly enough." - D.B

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Tell us about the damage to your carpet & send photos to carpetdamagelimitation@gmail.com 


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Send us a text or WhatsApp message with 

photos of your carpet to 07774 62 58 59 and let us know if you have any spare

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Check out our repairs to carpets like yours...

... Burns & Fire Damage?

Click here for photos and information on our repairs to burns in carpets & rugs

Burns caused by irons, hair dryers,  straighteners & curlers are our most frequent repairs. Click on the image to see how we make them invisible!

... Rips, Pulls, Wear & Tear?

Click here to find out more about our repairs to wear & tear

We can repair wear & tear with 100% invisibility - restoring the look of your home, office or business venue and saving you hundreds replacing your carpet.

... Pet Damage?

Click or touch here for more information on pet damage to carpets

If your dog has chewed a hole in your carpet or your cat has scratched it up, don't worry - we can make it as though it never happened!

... Cuts, Holes & Unfitted Edges?

Click or touch the image to find out more about our repairs to cuts, holes & unfitted edges

You've moved your furniture, the workmen needed to cut a hole in the carpet, or you haven't been able to get it to fit perfectly. No problem!

... Stubborn Stains?


Bleach, red wine, rust - we've seen it all. Overrated carpet cleaning chemicals rarely help, but we can remove and replace the damaged carpet fibres so that no one will know the stain was there!

... Moth Damage?

Click or touch the image to find out more about our repairs to moth damaged carpets

Moths can eat away at carpet fibre and leave it stripped bare. But we can restore even elaborately patterned rugs and carpets to their former glory.