We can repair any damage caused by pets

How will you do it?

There are several techniques we use to repair damage caused by pets, so please send us in a photo of your carpet, and we will be happy to assess the damage and choose the best possible repair option for you. 

We may be able to treat the individual fibres of the carpet, or perhaps inserting a piece of spare carpet may provide the best results.

We will do our utmost to repair your carpet with 100% invisibility.

Will it be expensive?

Our aim is always to give you the best possible value for money.


We hope to save you hundreds on a new carpet, a lost deposit, or an insurance claim.

Call us on 07774 62 58 59 or send us a photo of the damage to your carpet, and we'll be happy to give you a free quote.

Will it last?

Definitely. The repair techniques we use are the same as those used in the carpet manufacturing process, so it may be that your carpet has already been repaired at the carpet mill.

The section of carpet we repair will actually be stronger than the existing carpet, so you needn't worry about how it will stand up to hoovering, cleaning or heavy use.

We're so confident in the durability of our repairs that we guarantee them for the lifetime of the carpet.

Why not see what our customers have to say about their repairs?

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Burns & fire damage

A small heater has left a sizable burn mark in a beige carpet

See how we can make the damage and our repair invisible...

Moth damage

A colourful, patterned rug has bare patches where moths have eaten the fibres

We can restore your rug or carpet to it's former glory fibre-by-fibre

Rips & pulls

A single fibre of a loop pile carpet has been pulled, leaving a long line of damage

They're easily done - and they can be undone too!