We can repair the moth damage to your carpet or rug

How will you do it?

There are several techniques we use to repair moth damage, so please send us in a photo of your carpet or rug, and we will be happy to assess the damage and choose the best possible repair option for you. 

We may be able to treat the individual fibres of the carpet, or perhaps inserting a piece of spare carpet would provide the best results.

Either way, our aim is always to repair the damage with 100% invisibility.

Will it be expensive?

We hope not, for you! We keep our prices as competitive as possible, and we'll strive to offer you the best possible value for money.

Our repair should be a fraction of the cost of a new carpet or rug, a lost deposit, or the excess on an insurance claim.

Call us or give us your details via our online form, and we'll be happy to arrange a quote for you.

Will it last?

Yes! And we're so sure of it that we guarantee your repair for the lifetime of the carpet.

That means that if you find anything wanting from our repair in the future, we will return free of charge and rectify the situation. 

We perform our repairs in such a way that the repaired section of carpet will actually be stronger and more durable than the rest of the carpet.

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