We can remove the stain from your carpet

How will you do it?

If the stain covers a small area, we will give each stained fibre individual attention and replace them with perfect fibres so that your carpet is completely restored.

If the stain covers a large area of carpet, the best repair option might be to insert a piece of carpet in the place of the stain. We would then use a technique called retufting to leave a seamless finish, and make the stain (and our repair!) invisible.

Will it be expensive?

Perhaps you've already tried some well-recommended and fairly costly cleaning products, and failed to get rid of that stain. Well, don't waste your money on any more!

Our repairs are 100% effective and guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet. 

We want to give you the best possible value for money, so we keep our prices competitive and don't charge extra for travelling to you.

We hope to save you hundreds on your deposit, a new carpet, or an insurance claim. 

Will it weaken my carpet?

No! Interestingly, in the manufacturing process, your carpet may have been stained with loom oil and repaired in the same way that we will repair this stain.

If we replace the stained fibres with new ones, they will be secured into the backing of the carpet just as the existing fibres are - in fact, more securely!

If you have any worries, we would be happy to reassure you. Get in touch, or hear from our customers...

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